Tokyo Ghoul-Unravel 【TV-Size English cover】

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Tokyo Ghoul-Unravel 【TV-Size English cover】

Post by Yami Akuma on Wed Jun 24, 2015 1:46 am


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Oh won’t you tell me, please just tell me, the monster I’ve become
Who is it that I see living inside of me?
I’m broken, lying imprisoned by this world disposed from god
But still you're smiling, blind to reality


Alone again being left to die
For once, I've lost all hope
Invincible, unbreakable, insanity, reality, until the day that I’ll find you
I’ll stay here screaming and cursing my existence

Consuming all life here till I’ll grow distant
Don’t bother searching for somebody like me
A fading memory
I don’t want to hurt you, it’s not in my nature
A creature born from dust can never be your savior
Remember the ‘me’ as who I used to be...

As who I wish to be...
Yami Akuma

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